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08 April 2016

How do I choose which type of MTB bike is for me?

by David Boyson

Because riding styles and equipment have evolved to suit different terrain, deciding which bicycle is right for you will be easier if you know what type of terrain you intend to ride. A common misconception is that a new rider needs more suspension because of the added control. While the added suspension may instill confidence in some technical sections, often time the relaxed geometry is not suited to less experienced riders. It is just as hard to avoid the temptation of the ultra-light bike. The benefits of light weight are undeniable, but a novice rider will find XC racing bikes can be difficult to control when the trail gets rough.

XC Racing Bikes
Often called Cross Country bikes, XC Racing bikes are designed to tackle a mountain from the bottom. Lightweight and efficient, XC bikes often sacrifice comfort and control as luxuries you can't afford when racing to the top. XC bike frames are either hardtail or short travel, semi-active suspension designs. Long and low, XC bikes put the rider in a stretched out position. Best suited to gradual terrain, XC racing bikes are popular in areas without a lot of rocks and roots and among competitive riders. If your idea of mountain biking is fitness and endurance you may want to consider a XC Racing bike. If you consider the best rider the one who made it to the top first, then your choice is made.

XC Trail Bikes
Often called all-purpose, XC Trail bikes are what most people think of when they hear the term "mountain bike". XC Trail bikes are designed to climb with control and comfort and descend with speed. With active suspension, knobby tires and low gearing the XC trail bike is slightly less efficient than an XC Racing bike but can be more enjoyable to ride downhill. As terrain gets steeper, trails tend to get rockier and the ultra-light XC Racing bike may ride roughly, but the XC Trail bike is right at home. If you like the idea of challenging yourself on a rocky climb, enjoy extended singletrack descents and want to battle it out with your friends going uphill or down, an XC Trail bike may be for you.

All-Mountain Bikes
Some riders just need more. As adventures get longer and trails more remote, many riders see increased value in reliability and downhill control. The bigger tires, plush suspension and powerful brakes of the All-Mountain bike are an insurance policy against accidents and mishaps and can be just plain fun to ride. With geometry suited to steep terrain and small drop-offs All-Mountain bikes can inspire confidence, however, on more mild terrain they can feel sluggish. If you are an all-day adventurer or ride harsh trails you may be an All-Mountain rider.

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30 Nov 2015

UCI approves widespread disc brakes use in 2016

by David Boyson

Disc brakes will appear in the professional road peloton in 2016, according to Jeroen Snijders Blok of the World Federation Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI). Bike brands including Lapierre, Raleigh, Ghost, Koga Myata and Van Nicholas. He is the bike industry representative on the board of directors of WFSGI, which has been meeting with the UCI Equipment Commission to discuss the technical regulation of race bikes and the sometimes fractious relationship between the industry and the UCI.

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09 Nov 2015

Portsmouth Cycle Forums

by David Boyson

Portsmouth Cycle Forum Welcomes individuals and representatives of organisations who are interested in cycling and related issues in the Portsmouth area. Not-for-profit group with the sole aim of getting more people cycling.

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